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 Individual sign ups only.  We have a draft and midseason trades, it's all part of the fun.
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Next Scrimmage on Sat May 30, Tournament on Sat June 6, new season June 13
The next scrimmage will be on Sat May 30 at 12noon right after the Championship Game. Then on June 6, a team from Connecticut will be coming up again as we begin our Interstate Tournaments Series again. Space is limited on both events, please sign up ASAP. The new Saturday season is scheduled to start on June 13.

Tuesday news
We had a rare Tuesday night shutout as Grasso stopped everything he saw. But it does come with an asterisk, as it was the best team vs the worst team, so it was really no big deal.

Saturday news
The Saturday league had four close games as the top eight teams battled it out in round two. All games were decided by two goals or less. One even went deep into OT. The Natural Disasters, Wild Samoans, Hart Foundation and Bolsheviks all advanced to the Final Four in two weeks.

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