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Christmas Tournament Announced
The EMRHL will have a post Christmas tournament on Saturday Dec 27. The players who wanted to play in the Burn the Bird tourney but did not get on a team will get first dibs on this Tournament.

Tuesday week two
The Tuesday League starts off with Dennis, Karas, and Vinny all going 2-0 out of the gate. Talk of Downgrades has already begun as three other teams are still winless at 0-2.  More on the Tuesday page.

Saturday Week Seven Headlines
The Maple Leafs run came to an end, dropping a game to the Predators on Saturday 9-5. The Predators actually won both games of their double header this weekend. More on the Saturday page.

  • Predators hand the Maple Leafs their first loss of the season
  • The Predators won both games of their double header on Saturday
  • The Blues won in OT for the 2nd week in a row
  • By hook or by crook the Canadiens got a win on Saturday

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