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Our new motto: "Less sulking, more skating"
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Live Stats on Game Day !!!

The EMRHL is now using Hockeyshift to host our stats. Anything stat related will be hosted on that site. Click on Live & Career stats above to follow along Live during game day or look for scores and stats after the games.

Current seasons are up do date, career and past stats are being inputted regularly and over time you should see past seasons appear.
If you would like to help input some past games to add to the career stats, please let us know. It's easy to do.

Saturday league
The Saturday league is coming down the final stretch. We've played 10 of the 12 games with payoffs looming on the horizon.
There's still time for most of the teams to move up or down, and gain some momentum for their post season runs.

Tuesday league
It's week 10 and things are taking shape. The top 3 teams won and the bottom 3 teams lost. The other two teams can't figure out what they are doing. Nice job by Griffin who is having his best season ever.

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