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turday League News - Sabres lose for the first time in regulation

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SATURDAY GAMES  December 8, 2018 

BRUINS                        8   F

The Bruins were the victim of the night before. Several players arrived late, or not in game shape. The Knights were all rested and ready to go.

A bums rush at the end nearly got the B's a tie, but they ran out of time.

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ROCKIES        3   F

Two teams with very little backchecking, both with sub goalie downgrades, met at 8am to see who would move up into 4th place.

It took a a once in a lifetime play by CJ late in the game to put away the Rocks.

Game preview and stats

OILERS     10
SABRES    8   F

Two of the better teams met at 9am in an ugly game with plenty of penalties. It was of course the usual suspects. A late rally got the Sabres within a goal before a sub ENG.

McHugh gets the win despite giving up 8 soft goals, and is on the trading block.

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KINGS            6    F

Another close game that needed an ENG at the end to put away the other team. Mike Mason had two goals, that and $10 got him on the stars list this week.

Joe Estrela had the only penalty. Fab had a hat trick in the loss.

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DEVILS     8
SHARKS   5   F

What is going on here? Spuglio's team is now 8-2 and in 2nd place. What happened to the lovable days of the last place Spuglio teams?  A big 3 goal game by Jeremy Gallagher.

That coupled with a 42 save performance by goalie Mike Forti was the difference.

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12 noon
STARS               4   F

The Stars kept it close for 2 periods before falling to the Leaves. Chris Kuzyk had a career game playing with Bova, figuring in 5 of the 8 goals and only losing his helmet twice.

Rumor has it the Stars will be getting an upgrade before Christmas.

Game preview and stats

Stars of the week

First Star Second Star Third Star
Mike Forti - Devils

A 42 sub goalie save performance by the rookie goalie got the Devils an 8-5 win.
Mike Mason - Avalanche

McMase was put back on defense by captain Raymond, and that produced a pair of goals.
Chris Kuzyk - Maple Leafs

A career game with 5 points.

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