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turday League News - Bitching and Winning

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SATURDAY GAMES  November 18, 2017

TITANS            12
MONARCHS     6      F

The Titans remain unbeaten and the Monarchs remain winless. It was the last game before a big downgrade for the mighty Titans.

It was close for a while 3-3 after one, but 5 goals in the 2nd blew it open. JR did everything he could for the Monarchs, scoring as man as anyone else on the team.

Game preview and stats

OILERS                    6    F

The Oilers just can't get a full squad to show up. This week they ran out to a 3-0 lead, then allowed 14 of the next 20 in a huge loss. 14 of the next 20 sounds so weird for hockey.

Toward the end of the game, everyone had pretty much given up except for Phillips, Carpinteri, Ashe, and Muzz, who all scored late goals.

Game preview and stats

RAILERS                   8

The 4th place Railers had a huge bailout of players as they headed into their double header. Grasso had to sub in net for Hayes, who had stomach issues after eating a meat pie.

With some sub upgrades and goals by Rao and Deletesky, they beat the rabbits to the finish line. Tyrone and CJ were ineffective subs for the Rabbits.

Game preview and stats

RAILERS           9

The Railers kept all their sub upgrades from the previous game, and managed to skate away with their 2nd win of the day. Dennis B. had 6 goals, narrowly missing the stars list.

Tony and Fab both struggled for the Gators, but both recalled their glory days when they led the league in scoring and hoisted the cup.

Game preview and stats

KOMETS          11

The Gladiators started the game by wearing the wrong jerseys. So ya, that's kinda how this game went. It was 7-0 before the teams could even figure out lines.

Bova had a hot hand filling in for the missing Brackett, while Tyrone didn't fare so well playing for Kelley. We're not sure how Craig Perry did, we're still checking on that.

Game preview and stats

12 noon
CHILL             7

Another team with an early 3-0 lead that blew it. Milne, Tiny Rick, and Davenport had the Amerks up 3-0. But the Chill shot back with 7 of the next 8 to steal this one.

Tuesday Tony took 5 periods to warm up, but turned in a heck of a 3rd period in a sub roll. Greg Smith scored two goals, both from his half of the court.

Game preview and stats

Stars of the week

First Star Second Star Third Star
Greg Smith - Chill

Took a page out of the Nick Brackett playbook and scored on two slapshots from his own zone.
Tyler Bova - Komets sub

Another player who is unbelievable on Saturdays. He chipped in with 10 points this week.
Scott Fowler - Komets

Put this guy with Bova, and you're guaranteed a pair of assists out of him.

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