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Tuesday Top News - Shot Score !

It was a tough night for Justin Guimond and Fubo TV.

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 TUESDAY GAMES  June 19, 2018

NETFLIX         6    F

First place Netflix falls all the way back to 5th place after falling to the Blaze, who are now in a 3 way tie for first with UMC and Crackle.

Two upgrades for The Blaze including Jeff Katz for Leyden and Dennis B for DePrato contributed to the win.

Game preview and stats

TWITCH      8
FUBO  TV   5   F

An epic collapse late by Fubo TV gets Twitch the win. Perhaps they were in injury time or something, but the purple team scored 5 goals in the final 5 minutes for the win.

There was quite a bit of finger pointing after the game on both teams. But it was Barclay's goal from center with 9 seconds left that really burned.

Game preview and stats

UMC     8
HULU    6   F

Hulu loses yet another close game, this time to first place UMC. It was another GWG for UMC (game without Griffin), as they hang on for the win.

Caggiano and Mullen continue to play like Spuglio, and when you already have Spuglio on your team, well.

Game preview and stats

EPIX             5   F

One point separated these two teams in the standings. Epix had the game in the bag it seemed, taking a 4-2 lead into the third.

But on the first shift of the 3rd, Crackle scored 3 times en route to a 6-5 win. Crackle is now in a three way tie for first place.

Game preview and stats

This Week's Scapegoat

This week's Goat Award is given to Epix veteran player Jay Frasca.

Taking the court to start the 3rd period with a 4-2 lead, on one shift his line gave up 3 quick goals to fall behind 5-4 en route to a 6-5 loss.

Stars of the week

First Star Second Star Third Star
Dave Barclay - Twitch

Continues to dominate on Tuesday nights
Jeff Katz - The Blaze sub

The Katz Show was on the air Tuesday night, 2 goals including the GWG for Katzy.
Nick Deletesky - no team

Almost made his Tuesday debut this week, except he was busy.