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Tuesday Top News - Jake and Cliffhanger were flat this week


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 TUESDAY GAMES  March 19, 2019

OVER THE TOP          4   FOT

2nd and 3rd place met, and nothing was decided. Over the Top had a full squad, while Stop or My Mom needed a couple of subs just to have enough to play.

One of those subs was a month shy of his 52nd birthday, and it was his goal with 6 seconds left that tied the game for Stop. Both teams had sub goalies in the tie.

Game preview and stats here

ROCKY                6

Middle of the pack teams met, with Cliffhanger phoning it in with a bad 6-2 loss. Nothing went right for the team in black, in fact, some of the guys even wore the wrong number.

Rocky got two goals from CJ and two from Matt Clark. Heck even Frasca scored, as even he had as many points as a slumping Tyler Bova. Lucas only had one lousy assist himself.

Game preview and stats here

EXPENDABLES             10

It's Browns vs Bills in the EMRHL version of Thursday night football, as the bottom two teams met. The Browns would take this one 10-4, but are still in last place.

Greg Smith was back in the Lords lineup, and that ended their 3 game win streak. He remains the only guy without a win this season. Josh Heavern had a strong game.

Game preview and stats here

RAMBO                 7
TANGO & CASH   6   F

Undefeated Tango is undefeated no more thanks to a heroic effort by captain Mike Arsenault and his call for more defense. Shaun Johnson backboned the team in net.

The highest scoring team in the league focused on defense, and scored only 7 goals, but got the win. Stephen DePrato was in net for Tango's first loss of the season.

Game preview and stats here

This Week's Scapegoat

This week's Goat Award is given to backup goalie Stephen DePrato.

He was talking before the game about how his goaltending has improved, but this week he was in net for the first loss of the season for Tango & Cash.

Stars of the week

First Star Second Star Third Star
Shaun Johnson - Rambo

He is the only goalie to defeat Tango & Cash this season.

Courtenay Brown - Stop or My Mom will Shoot

Nice job by CB to limit his turnovers in the third period to just four in his own zone. He also changed up with a minute left, allowing the replacement to tie the game with six seconds left.
Matt Clark - Rocky

Lovebone doesn't spend much time on the Stars List, so we'll give him some face time seeing as he scored two goals.