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Tuesday Top News - Blast from the Past

Not that long ago, anyone could win.

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 TUESDAY GAMES  February 20, 2018

LYNX       1    F

Two of the top four teams started the night off.  The Lynx scored just 42 seconds in on a Darkside sub goal, but some buckle down defense by Gardner would prevent further scoring, in what would be the only blowout of the night.

A rare goal by Meads tied it for the Tigers in the first, then Swanson scored one in the 2nd and one in the 3rd to bail out Tony and the Tigers.

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JAGUARS                  5

The first place Jaguars needed a shorthanded goal by Grenier with 3:12 to play to tie the game at 4-4 and send it to OT, as the 7th place BP's gave them a game.

In OT Estrela flashbacked to 2012 with a nice in and out move through the defense to score the winning goal. At 6-1 the Jags are first in line for a Downgrade.

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COUGARS               11   F

Finally a "good" matchup, as two bottom teams meet in the 9 slot. Rob McHugh made one more save than Erik Hajen, and that was that.

Lucas had the ball on his stick in the slot with 10 seconds left, but could not score. The good news is he had Oreos at the house.

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LIONS           4   F

The rising Bobcats took on the falling Lions, as the night wrapped up with another close game. A rare appearance and goal by Tim Logue was the game winner.

For the first time all season the Bobcats had a full team. No wait, they didn't have their regular goalie.

Game preview and stats

This Week's Scapegoat

This week's Goat Award is given to Cougars forward Lucas "Cookies" Villandry.

Lucas had the ball on his stick in the dying moments, with a chance to tie the game.

It would have been a moral victory for the lowly Cougars to get to OT, but he tried to stick handle, and didn't get a good shot away.

Ball goes into the corner, and the game ends. Captain Marino would have been upset if he had showed up to the game.

Stars of the week

First Star Second Star Third Star
Jay Sopp - Lynx

He stood on his head the entire game, too bad his team could only score one goal.
Brian Estrela - Jaguars

A nice OT goal flashed us back to a time when he dominated the Tuesday League.

Tim Logue - Bobcats

Not only showed up and played, but scored.