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Tuesday Top News - We won two in a row?

Steve Ace Burdick can't believe that his Hulu team has won two games in a row

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 TUESDAY GAMES  July 17, 2018

FUBO TV       5    FOT

One of the best teams took on one of the worst teams, but we needed OT to decide this one, thanks to 5 goals from sub Chris Mahoney for Fubo TV.

The better team finally won in OT when Lucas scored on a sweet pass from Nick B.

Game preview and stats

UMC            3

How does the best team in the league lose to a team with, Niemi, Griffin, Courtenay, Cain, and sub Nick Deletesky? We are calling shenanigans.

A Nick B. sub goal with 33 seconds left was the difference, as was the sandbagging.

Game preview and stats

HULU    10
EPIX       6    F

Make it two in a row for Hulu, that's a streak!  They finally climb out of the basement with a win over the sliding Epix team.

RVB continues to play like Mark Dakhlian. Jeff Katz had a sweet sub goal for Hulu.

Game preview and stats


The 3rd and 6th place teams met in a dandy. Each team enjoyed the lead, but it felt like neither team wanted to win.

It took a heroic effort from Jason Ricci in OT to get Twitch the win.

Game preview and stats

This Week's Scapegoat

This week's Goat Award is given to Fubo TV captain Greg Smith.

Smitty appears to have lost the lockerroom as they say, as his team is not showing the effort they need to get out of the basement.

Though they were better this week, they still lost in OT after a late comeback thanks to sub Chris Mahoney.

Stars of the week

First Star Second Star Third Star
Jason Ricci - Twitch

A coast to coast goal in OT got Twitch the win.
Dave Niemi - UMC

A goal and then a blocked shot in the dying seconds to preserve a 3-2 win.
Chris Mahoney - Fubo TV sub

Had all 5 goals in a 6-5 loss. Says he was not motivated to score any more than that.